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We have created a display for the High Holidays called the Caring Wall, where every person who gives will be listed (anonymous ok). Students will see how many wonderful people care about them and their Jewish Life & Experience at UCF & Valencia

Dear Friend

Preparations are in full swing for Passover! Chabad at UCF is offering Passover Seder and Kosher for passover meal plans.

Chabad is calling on supporters to be as generous as they can be to assure the students’ needs are met, in honor of Passover.

Many students are in need of Passover meals, Seders, and more. Some Students are facing extended time away, isolated from their campus and community, and we need more resources and are required to connect individually and to make sure that the students have what they need for Passover.

One thing is certain; students will be looking for meaning, satisfaction, and direction. Gifts to this urgent Passover Campaign will give powerful life lessons to be learned and shared from the story of Passover and mitzvah of Matzah.

Please Consider sponsoring

$25,000 - Spring Semester Partner
$18,000 - First Seder Partner
$10,000 - Second Seder Partner
$5,000 - Matza Partner 
$3,600 - Haggadah Sponsor
$1,800 - L'Chaim Sponser
$1,000 - Brisket Giver
$540 - Prayer Giver
$360 -  Dayenu Giver
$180 - Matza Ball Giver

Other Partnership Opportunities 

Event Pillar $1800
Table sponsor $540 
Supporter $360 

You can Also make a gift through



Zelle: [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Kosher Passover!

Rabbi Chaim & Rivkie Lipskier


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