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Each week, our campus Chabad family comes together for spirited Shabbat dinners and fascinating conversation. Why stop there? Chabad at UCF offers you the opportunity to continue exploring your Jewish heritage. Join one of our ongoing courses Here and let’s continue the discussion!

Sinai Scholars Society

Incredible, comprehensive and thought provoking 8 week course on Jewish values through the lens of the Ten Commandments. Class includes textual study, field trips, formal graduation, alumni benefits, and $350 stipend upon completion of course requirements. Courses are held in the fall and spring semesters. Limited spaces available - by application only.

Revolutionary Ideas Judaism Introduced the to the World


jLearn: Knowledge, Community, Identity


jLearn is an exciting opportunity for those who crave an intellectual grasp of Judaism. This unique program offers focused mini courses aimed at exploring new realms of Jewish thought and philosophy. 

While you study and explore, you will also get to meet and socialize with like-minded students at exclusive events for jLearn members. 

The program includes a social components;a cool gift, trip and  banquet. 

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