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Free Mezuzah Initiative

Chabad at UCF will offer a free Mezuzah to any student who needs one for their dorm room or apartment. Ancient tradition teaches that this small mitzvah brings blessing and serenity to your home. A person introduces holiness and harmony into the world by placing a Mezuzah on his or her door.


Each week, our campus Chabad family comes together for spirited Shabbat dinners and fascinating conversation. Why stop there? Chabad at UCF offers you the opportunity to continue exploring your Jewish heritage. Join one of our ongoing courses Here and let’s continue the discussion!

BLT = Bagels Lox & Teffilin

Binding mind, heart and deed The Mitzvah that binds our minds with our hearts and deeds, and allows a daily reunification within ourselves and with G-d.

Friday Knight Live

Experience the sweetness of Shabbat with great cuisine, lively conversation, and family warmth. Zero pressure, total pleasure.

Chillin' N Grillin' @ Chabad

Where else can you get a free hot kosher BBQ, some authentic Jewish schmoozing, and food for thought to top it all off?


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Nothing stands out more, than the lack of it standing there at all.

Share Aleph: Sinai Scholars Retreat

This Summer, 150 Sinai Scholar participants attended the annual retreat in Palm Springs, California, for an unmatched immersion in the world of Jewish academia.

A Lecture of Love

If we want others to take our criticism constructively, it has to come from a place of love.